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Re: A General Science Refresher

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I think you should just ask us questions and see what answers we come up with!
That might not end well.

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Honestly, surf around on various topics. You'll find what you're looking for.
Sure, I could search on Amazon or Google, but what I want are the suggestions of people I'm more familiar with. TBBS is filled with scientists, teachers, professors, and researchers of all types, and I'd like to draw on that experience and knowledge.
This post is very contradictory.

That said, what are you interested in? Science is HUGE. Computers? Communication? Astronomy? Quantum Physics? Genetics? Nanotech? There are so many different fields I'm not sure you're going to find a good and handy resource for all of them.
Bleh. Just as Feynman laughed off the social sciences as not really science, I do the same with computer science.

So called "computer science" is why a forum titled "Science and Technology" has 978 threads about how to how to use you Wii for better orgasms and 1 thread about biology, which slowly falls into thread oblivion after 1 reply.
Is this a sexy tune, Mrs. Badcrumble?
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