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Re: THE CAPE | “Pilot” & “Tarot” (Jan. 9) *Spoilers!*

it took Bill and Ted 18 months to learn how to play guitar but this guy learns how to be a superhero in days, maybe hours...

His kid has ONE comic.

ONE comic.

That he reads over and over again, and when a paedophile shows up dressed as that comicbook character he's on the verse of having a psychotic break like that time Boone from Bones met Stewie from Family guy.

The kids slow right?

Now Parker Lewis's sister worshipping Thor, that made sense because she was 5.

Do you think Ben Aflek goes to Halloween parties dressed up as Daredevil?


Fuck the "cape" you idiot, if you want to save the day get a gun.

Cheap rip off of the Hood anyway.

He just stumbles across Eyes on the docks? I mean: Orwell.

She's either the bad guys daughter, little sister or childbride sold to him by the Russian mob.

Stupid, stupid stupid.
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