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Re: THE CAPE | “Pilot” & “Tarot” (Jan. 9) *Spoilers!*

The Cape had some interesting caricatures and I loved the superheroics and training with the way they mixed illusionist tricks with crime fighting. For that alone I'd give it a "Good" grade. The rest, however, was unremarkable. One big weak spot was our lead guy not being able to see his wife and kid. Despite a seemingly credible threat from Chess, the whole thing came off as contrived and unnecessary. We also have him working with some criminals who suddenly become crusaders with the bank robberies swept under the rug. What?! But I did like those circus folks anyway. Another thing I didn't like was them making The Cape a guy imitating a comic book hero. The Cape should have been an original creation on the cop's part.

And what was up with Chess's eyes? Why were they lighter in some scenes? They almost looked like the eyes of a cat or a reptile.

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I wouldn't call it a Batman ripoff. I mean other works are allowed to show crime fighters and even their training, nobody owns that, but it did seem to take a few scenes right from Batman Begins. One was when the hero was poisoned and had to be rescued and driven away. Another was when the hero confronted Richard Shiff's character in his office without full garb.
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