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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

THE GIFT - 4x02 - 4/5

I am so pissed about Kes being written out of this show, even after almost 15 years. But fortunately, in a rare moment for Trek, Kes gets written out appropriately and satisfyingly in a pretty decent episode.

There's a lot of nice juxtaposition between Seven's fledgling days on Voyager and Kes' final days with the crew. Both characters are treated well in this episode. Kes' ascension to a higher plane of existence is in keeping with her development so far. Probably the only niggle is that it feels like it's come too early.

The conflict between Janeway and Seven is excellent and whilst I am unable to ascertain whether we're SUPPOSED to take a particular side during their arguments, I've always found myself siding with Seven of Nine.

One thing I would've preferred is if Seven's appearance became re-humanised over the course of the season, rather than by the end of this episode. Although I suspect TPTB were to blame for this decision.
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