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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Forest vs. West Ham...not bad though was hoping for a bigger club or even a local derby with Notts County or Derby County. Also would of prefered a home tie but West Ham might play a weaker side due to relegation worries so we got a chance at least.

Watched the Liverpool/Utd match earlier and it was a soft penatly but that happens on halfway line its a freekick. Gerrard deserved his red card stupid challenge lucky he didn't make contact higher up on Carrick or his leg would of been broken into a few pieces. Martin Kelly (RB/CB) for Liverpool caught my eye and his gaffe praised him too, was a good performance from the 20 year old English lad...

and England could do with a promising right back over the inept Glen Johnson who apparantly slagged off Paul Merson online for having drink/gambling issues...Merson faced his demons head on and gave 100% every week, he didn't throw a hissy fit online and Paul Merson was right when he said you've been crap all season.
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