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Re: THE CAPE | “Pilot” & “Tarot” (Jan. 9) *Spoilers!*

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God, that was horrible. I had low expectations for "The Cape" going in, but this beat them. The writers skipped the character development, and assumed you'd be interested in the character arcs to excuse the piss-poor action. Nothing worked, they skipped through the entire origin story, (which begs the question, why did they even show the origin?) and just went through the superhero numbers. Corrupt police force? Got it. Businessman who is secretly evil? Yep. Framed for a crime? Check. Watching his family mourn from far away? Also, there.

And poor Richard Schiff, he wanted to act, he tried to act, put the script wouldn't let him. If he can't save this, not even Summer Glau's leg can (because god knows it's not like her character was worthwhile).
Crap. Now I have nothing to say.
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