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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Won't get fooled again - Browder really flexes his acting chops in this one and is brilliant. When Critchon begs whoever's doing this too him too stop because they're using the image of his dead mother against as being "too cruel", he really sells it nicely. Very effective. The entire episode is pretty brilliant and the fact that they hang a lantern on the fact that they've done a similar type of episode just a season ago was inspired.

The Locket : I've always maintained that this show, at it's core, with everything stripped away is about John and Aeryn finding themselves and then truly finding each other. Soul mates. Every bit as compelling as Sheridan and Delenn in Bab 5 and that's high praise indeed. Awesome episode.

Can't wait for the Liars, Guns, Money trilogy. Really classic 'scape!

Nice to see you back early, wasn't expecting you this weekend.
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