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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

kkozoriz1 wrote: View Post
Agree completly about the trainwreck ths DS9 has become. I was really looking forward to the DS9-R-R (reboot, reboot) but will be passing on it now. I have zero interest in how it;s being laid out.
Oh don't get me wrong; I'm interested in how it's being laid out. It just seems really disorganized and random. I think lots of good stories *could* come out of this, I just don't really see any particular indication that they're on the way.

David R. George III wrote: View Post
Seriously, interesting comments all around. I am particularly gratified to hear that you liked the Tzenkethi, the machinations of the Romulans, Spock's characterization, and in particular, Sisko's arc. I do understand your desire to have had Sisko's tale told in a novel set singularly within the Deep Space Nine milieu. For various reasons, I did not have that option. I also gather just why you think that the Star Trek literary universe has "no idea where it’s going." All I can tell you is this: that's not true.
...except for that post, and the others like it you've posted lately. I mean, I really want to believe you, and it's always worked out before. I'm just frustrated that, even if this IS all going somewhere great, we won't even be able to find out for a really long time.

But genuinely: I did a lot of complaining in that review, but as a standalone novel, best Trek novel in a year easily. Easily. Sorrows Of Empire was the last Trek book I enjoyed this much.
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