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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Man, my reviews have been longwinded lately. Here's another one: I had two simultaneous, totally separate reactions to this book, and I'm still working on reconciling them.

It basically went like this - on the one hand: HELL YES. ONLY REALLY GREAT TREK BOOK IN ALL OF 2010. On the other hand: Star Trek has a really annoying problem right now.

Seriously, interesting comments all around. I am particularly gratified to hear that you liked the Tzenkethi, the machinations of the Romulans, Spock's characterization, and in particular, Sisko's arc. I do understand your desire to have had Sisko's tale told in a novel set singularly within the Deep Space Nine milieu. For various reasons, I did not have that option. I also gather just why you think that the Star Trek literary universe has "no idea where it’s going." All I can tell you is this: that's not true.
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