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Hey, fellow fitness chickens! I'm finally getting back to exercising after a few months of illness & injury recovery. I walked 10k yesterday, which felt really good. My daughter went back to college and left me her gym membership, so I've started going again. This place is great! Much better than the YMCA I used to go to. And as part of the new member orientation you get three visits with a personal trainer. Awesome.

On my first visit he showed me about half of the machines in the circuit, and led me through some boxing for aerobics. It was a blast! The guy has been a professional kickboxer and cage fighter, so he's really into this stuff. It was great fun for this 50-year-old lady to get all hot and sweaty punching the hell out of a cute fit young guy. I'm going back tomorrow for session #2. Should be fun!
-TJ, formerly in LO, CA
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