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Re: THE CAPE | “Pilot” & “Tarot” (Jan. 9) *Spoilers!*

Interview with James Frain. I predict he's going to steal the show. Most likely won't rescue it from nose-diving in the ratings soon after the premiere - villains can't drive a network show, the audience is too mainstream for such things - but at least it will give me a motive to watch till the bitter end.

Let the bashing begin forthwith!

what exactly is The Cape? It’s another misstep by NBC, for starters. But more importantly it’s a series that looks like a whole bunch of cooks decided to build the most creatively awesome and different kitchen imaginable, forgetting for a moment that none of them can really cook.


What was the pitch session like? “We’re going to make a series that will have everyone thinking ‘Batman’ at the start but it will eventually leave them feeling disappointed and huckstered. Do you love it already?”
Business as usual for network TV.

And wow, everyone is bitching about the cape as a motif. The cape is corny, the cape is stupid. Well, I can see the point, the cape is just the same magical doohickey as the Intersect is for Chuck Bartowski. But having a computer in your brain is nerdy-cool, and they cast the character with someone who has enough charm to overcome whatever little bumps there may be in us believing the hooey.

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