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If you're like me and refused to throw this good game away in hopes they'd ever come up with an XP patch, you're in luck.

If you install this game, and click properties in the game's .exe files, and under the compatibility tab, check (or uncheck, I can't remember, but essentially make the computer worse) the available boxes (I'd be a good computer engineer, you can tell).

Then run the game. Before, the game always crashed on XP the minute Riker was beaming down to Amargosa.

When the screen STARTS to fade from the observatory, right-click. You then get the game loading screen with the proceed button, and Riker's on his way to Amargosa. I'd guess the right-clicking skips the video coming up, which crashes the game. Right-click every time you're leaving the observatory, so you get the mission that follows.

Also keep in mind that alt+ctrl+up arrow rotates the screen 90 degrees. You may need it later, but at all costs avoid hitting the Windows key.

Not sure if it'll run on Vista or 7, but it runs fine on XP.

(Sorry if this has been posted before, searched and couldn't find it.)
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