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Re: Star Trek: Armada on Windows 7?

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tbh sta 2 was really different couldn't help, but feel they gave more to fan service then to actual game play. alot of the weapons dmg and and ships were altered so much it no longer felt like armada where u could yard rush bombers. it was enjoyable for the story.
Yeah I'll completely agree that Armada 2 was awful, but FleetOps just makes it SO much better lol, it's like an entirely new game - new ships, the ability to choose different avatars for races that give you bonuses, upgraded graphics, customisable and more realistic Borg ships (cubes and spheres now take multiple ships to take on, more like in the series), warp has been taken just feels like a different game to be honest. There's a load of commentated replays on youtube if you wanted to see what the gameplay etc is like...

really it didn't work ? did u try emulate software tnl and hardware tnl for direct x =/. sorry to hear it, if not try using one of the codes they give u to make it appear as an ati card in the game might work :P
Yeah I tried all of those Still no luck

are ur vista and windows 7 systems on 2 diff computers? if so try dual booting windows 7 onto the vista just to test armada XD if it works then guess just depends how much ur admit about getting it to work :P.
Yeah they're on the same computer. Annoying that Armada goes OOS with different operating systems
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