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Re: TNG Series in HD?

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I think this thread demonstrates the inherent problem in a project like this. So much fanboyish "what TNG needs is more ACTION and we need different cuts and throw in this footage even though the director chose to cut it out" and on and on. What several people here are talking about is not finding a way to release TNG in high def, but to find a way to turn TNG into a different show.

No thank you.

I'd much rather keep my standard def copies of TNG then let people get ahold of it and do that crap to it.
My dad is the biggest TOS fan in existence. He wasn't sure what to expect when I got him the TOS Remastered set.

He freakin' loved it!! I have to agree with him: They basically kept the heart and soul of the show, but drastically increased the visual package. Because of our love for a series, we are willing to overlook certain things, like watching the same matte shot over and over and over and over, etc.

If you remember the TOS episode "The Doomsday Device", watch the original, and then watch the remastered version. I think only stubborn people would say that the remastered sucked. I would say the remastered version caught the exact look and feel that the original story wanted to convey, but didn't have the tech/budget for.

TNG is the same way. There are tons of scenes in it that should be more grandiose, bigger, and higher in scope.

Remember the huge fleet that Starfleet was going to send to blockade the Romulans? There were supposed to be like 20-30 ships, but we got to see 3 kitbashes. I'd LOVE to see all freakin' 30 ships in that shot as it was intended!

Another bonus is that hopefully they can redo all the hand phaser beams. First they need to make them look steady, and not like someone is pissing (an unstable water jet). Second, they need to make them instantaneous. None of this "beam is streaming over to the target at a speed of a painball". It should be "You pressed the trigger, the target is getting hit simultaneously!"

Sadly, the best looking phaser beams were shown on "Enterprise". The remastered TNG beams should be done the same or better.
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