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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Playing Black Ops but so far don't like it as much as MW 2, the games engine feels a little stiffer and slower than MW 2. Also SP stuff is so recycled from MW 2, another bike chase and rooftop bit, try something new please. Also friendly A.I not as good as in last few games, which is strange

Online feels less balanced than MW 2, the levels are awful way too small and less enaging to new players overall. Zombie mode is a little better but I would prefer a more objective structure rather than the level rounds it has.

At moment 7 or 7.5 score, with the exception of piss poor COD 3 I've given past COD games...

COD 1/2 & 4 = 9 out of 10
COD WAW & MW 2 = 8.5

so not good.
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