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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. From Russia with Love (C)
2. Delicatessen (A)
3. Goldfinger (B)

I enjoyed about as much as I enjoyed it the first time around. I loved the Matterson girls, but didn't really care for Pussy Galore (nor the way Bond forces his way on her in the barn and suddenly she's all "Oh, James!). I think it's a terrible waste that Tilly Matterson died so quickly. I was much more interested her character potential (woman seeking revenge for the death of her sister, although I'm surprised she didn't blame Bond in some small way) than I did with Pussy Galore. Alas.

I also loved the villains, particularly Odd Job. How can I not love a guy who kills people with his hat?!

That all being said, there's a certain staleness of the early Bond movies that still bugs me. I can somewhat look pass Bond's male chauvinistic ways (except forcing himself onto Pussy), but there are other things that bug me like the use of out of place sound effects that are better suited for cartoons (such as when Bond slaps a woman on the ass or any and all sound effects during fight scenes).

I'll keep giving old Bond a second chance, but it's not looking good...
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