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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. From Russia with Love (C)
2. Delicatessen (A)

From Russia with Love

Maybe I'm not a fan of old James Bond. I'm not sure. I haven't really seen any of the old James Bond films since Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were released (the exceptions being GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies) so I can't help but wonder if the new James Bond has affected my interest in old James Bond. I'll have to wait and see when I rewatch Goldfinger (my favorite James Bond before seeing Casino Royale).

In the case of From Russia with Love, I had tried to see it once before years ago, but fell asleep while watching it (I don't hold against the film because I had a long day) and I wanted to give it a second chance, especially since so many people consider it one of the best Bond films period. However, I have to say it didn't really do anything for me.

The overall story of SCEPTRE playing both the Soviet Union and the Western world against each other is interesting, but the actual plot that follows Bond really didn't click for me. Maybe I expected a smarter Bond, but I was surprised how gullible he came off as.

Perhaps a further viewing later down the road will make me like the film more, like how I didn't initially like The Hunt for Red October but is now one of my favorite films. Or perhaps I just don't like old Bond as much as I once did. Only time will tell.


A typically bizarre film from Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amélie, A Very Long Engagement, The City of Lost Children), Delicatessen is a story about a group of tenants forced into cannibalism because of a food shortage for reasons not entirely clear. I love all of Jeunet's films (with the exception of Alien: Resurrection but even he doesn't like the final product due to studio meddling) and this one is no exception. More of a collection of character pieces then an outright story (there's isn't much beyond new character arrives, falls in love with daughter of killer, and the two of them try to survive) but Jeunet's unique form of directing makes the experience more than worthwhile. I highly recommend this to anyone who want's something different from the typical Hollywood flick and something quite bizarre.
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