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Re: TNG Series in HD?

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I'm actually glad they need to redo the entire FX. TNG desperately needed more action scenes. I'm sick of the "enormous fight" scenes consisting of a static Enterprise firing one torpedo. And who can forget the 3-4 matte sets they keep on redressing and reusing! yeck!! They need to revamp these type of scenes.
I agree and I hope they stop that respecting the original effects bullshit. It annoyed me to no end that they didn't change more when they remastered TOS.
I don't want them to treat the original versions like crap, like George Lucas did, but if you remaster something remaster it for real and take advantage of the opportunity and today's technology. Don't just take the original effects and make them prettier most of the time.

One thing they really have to change is getting rid of ALL shots of the giant Bird of Prey. The BOP is a small ship and it looked ridiculous when they pretended it was almsost as big as the Enterprise. I also want them to ditch the "Excelsior next to Enterprise" shot they used way too often, let's see Ambassadors, Nebulas and new ship classes.

Completely redo all fight scenes, I don't remember a single battle in TNG that didn't look lame, the Enterprise was always static when it fired it's weapons ... at least show it from another angle.

I also want them to extend the episodes. If they have to basically redo the entire post production process it shouldn't be a big deal to insert scenes that were cut for time or extend battle scenes. Who cares if the episode suddenly runs 4 minutes longer, it doesn't have to fit into a timeslot. And if they decide to air the episodes in syndication, they have to cut out footage anyway, so what's the difference.

Basically, what I don't want is a faithful recreation of the original episodes in HD. They can use multiple angles and seamless branching to include the original versions on the Blu-Rays, even if that means no HD for the space scenes.
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