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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. Alice is Wonderland (2010) - C-
2. Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) - A

You ever just get that random feeling of watching a movie you have no knowledge of the subject matter but you hear good things about it and want to check it out? That's pretty much me in connection to this film, Exit Through the Gift Shop. I have no knowledge of Street Art, or the people involved in this film, but I heard good things about it, watched it, and was captivated by it. Fake or not Fake, it brought the world of Street Art to life and it was quite a journey.

As for the end and the message of the film, It was quite a message, which was pretty much Art succumbing to the hype machine like everything else and how the street artists we saw resented Mr. Brainwash (Teirry) because of it. It does bring the film full circle, and it does leave you think. I don't typically watch Documentaries, but I wanted to watch this one and was glad I did.
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