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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

I have to say, though, in terms of favorites that I like to come back to, my favorite of the "Farscape Trilogies" is the "Liars, Guns and Money" series we're about to come up on... without getting into too much detail, I will simply say that I think it made for a great finale, for reasons I'll elaborate on when we get there... I like the later ones just fine with no complaints... this is just the one I come back to whenever I feel like watching some epic Farscape...

I recently re-watched the Princess trilogy, and I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it, as I didn't remember it being quite so entertaining... I agree with the way they handled Aeryn and Crichton's relationship here... their reactions are really very genuine... exactly the way I would see real people behaving if they'd had the kind of of backgrounds and relationships these two have.

And to answer the question posed earlier, yes, Braca will return... "...Is the rematch ever better than the original fight?"

My favorite line of this trilogy, though....

Ka D'Argo: The bad news is that you're married and you must endure as a statue for 80 cycles on a strange world.
John Crichton: What's the good news?
Ka D'Argo: Chiana and I are having fantastic sex.
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