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So, I'm getting the hang of this game! I love that it has simple game mechanics that make it easy for anyone to pick up and play.

I've been playing on a friend's server, and I just logged in to a view of creepers on fire. Oh, how I love seeing that

Here's a tour of the built up land.

This is where my friend started building. He has quite a nice oceanside view.

When I first started playing on the server, he had already built a dock, and then we decided to extend it and build a bridge/walkway to connect his area and mine, which I'll show you in a bit.

This is the spawn point, although it still spawns us underneath for some reason. There must be a way to set it so that we spawn on the platform.

Welcome to my area. I've built myself a home into the mountain on the right. And to the left is an extension of the bridge that goes right through the other side of the mountain. It doesn't really go anywhere at the moment, but as we expand, I could see this becoming a cart line or something.

Here's inside my home:

Btw, anyone finding the newest version of photobucket confusing to use? Seems so cumbersome.
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