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Re: Farscape Complete Series Deal of the Day

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Thanks for the information!
Snatched it up immediately (together with Peacekeeper Wars). Good thing it's a matter of seconds to get rid of the DVD region lock.
How d'you do that then? It's the bane of my life.
Depends on how you want to watch the DVD. For DVD drives there are software tools which override the region check.
With hardware players it's a bit more tricky since it involves a little online research before buying. Many players are only locked down to a region through software settings, meaning by using specific button combinations on the remote/device or undocumented features in the on-screen menu you can reprogram it permanently to run region-free. Then the only thing that matters is to also have picked a player that can handle both NTSC and PAL video and convert between the formats if needed.

It will be a while until my DVDs arrive. This morning Amazon sent the package on its way, but delivery to another continent still takes its time.
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