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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

I was actually going to say that myself, I always enjoy seeing Farscape characters in other roles, I feel that Wayne Pygram got robbed by not having any lines in Star Wars EP. 3 as his resemblence to a younger Peter Cushing is stunning. One of my favorite memories of David Franklin in Farscape isn't in one of the episodes, but in the special features for the PK wars mini-series where he introduces himself in one of the early script read throughs.

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The Princess trilogy is a wonderful quite story (I say quiet in comparison to Farscape's other duologies and trilogies), although not quite my favorite simply because "Into the Lion's Den" and "We're So Screwed" are so utterly awesome.

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- Is this Braca guy going to be around for a while? He may be an enemy PK, but I like the actor. He's doing a good job as a recurring character. As I've mentioned before, I know I've seen the latter half of season four and PKW in the past, but I can't say I recall much in the way of details.
Yes, Braca is around for awhile and I quite like the character, too, although I wish we got just a bit more development of the character. David Franklin is a wonderful actor, both here and on Hercules/Xena as Brutus (where I saw him prior to Farscape).
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