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Re: Upcoming Releases in January, February and March

Hidden Frontier should be releasing the following audio productions in Q1 2011 (in expected release order):

Voyages of the USS Angeles 2.01 - "Duty's Betrayal"
Henglaar, M.D. 1.05 - "Profit Without Honor"
Star Trek: Grissom 1.03 - "The Stars My Destination"
Henglaar, M.D. 1.06 - "Vector of Infection"

All but HMD 1.06 are in post right now, with ANG 2.01 and HMD 1.05 awaiting their scores and final mixing.

The capstone Star Trek: Odyssey film "Tossed Upon The Shore" is also expected toward the end of the quarter, although no release date has been set yet. Hetoreyn is still cranking out the score.

As I have specific release dates, I'll post them here.
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