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Re: Star Trek: Armada on Windows 7?

Rett Mikhal wrote: View Post
I use a program to run old games called Palette Stealer Suspender. I know it works to prevent color muck ups in Age of Empires, it might help with your black screen issue. It's a free download. Just google, download, install, open it, and browse to the .exe file.

Hope that helps. I'd like to drag this one and SFC3 out and play again. I only ever got SFC3 to connect to a friend's computer via LAN once, and for some damned reason you can't use transporters when human players are in the game. Totally lame, there goes 50% of my strategy!
Thanks for the suggestion, still got the same freezing cutscenes and garbled screen though

Never played SFC3 over LAN, as I never knew anyone else who had it lol, but it works fine on my Windows 7....

ktegate wrote: View Post
just to be sure you did make sure 256 colours was ticked?
Also try lowering the ingame screen resoloution and see if playing with that helps. if not be sure to reply back, im guesisng ur running a nvidia card ?

if you need it doing asap and ur shaking from withdrawl u can always contant me on game ranger :P.
Yeah I made sure 256 colours was ticked, just tried it again to make sure but still no luck Tried with the lowest screen res as you suggested too but no joy Yeah I'm running a nvidia geforce 8500GT 1gb.

I'm not shaking from withdrawals as I have Vista dual-booted on my PC and it works on that, but it's just a lot of hassle to have to keep rebooting to switch over and I'd prefer to have it running on 7 lol.

Thanks for all the help so far though both of you
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