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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

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Back in 2009 I started up sketches and even a early vector image for a Starship called the Spartan. At the time I was a little burned out with starship so I never completed it.
Well with the Design the Enterprise contest come renewed energy when it comes to starship design, so I decided I would finally finish the Spartan. So here she is.
She is a Imperial Heavy Cruiser built to take a pounding if she had to. Heavy armor and Plenty of Weapons. With the Spartan I gave her a bigger Impulse Deck for
Sublight warfare.
She is the first of her class and that class is called the Sparta class.
And Yes with the registry and name I did get the idea from Frank Millerís 300

Sorry it took a while to finish this design.
I.S.S. Spartan
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Sean Tourangeau
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Very nice ship
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