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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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Crichton and Aeryn's romance is the heart of this show, and these are the episodes where they finally start to focus on it (though perhaps not in ways you might expect).
Subverting expectations is always a plus, and something Farscape tends to do well with.
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Aeryn: "No! No! I will not be a slave to your hormones!"
John: "My hormones? Hey, I was lips, you were tongue!"
Another fantastic quote.

Look at the Princess Part II: I Do, I Think.
- I really do love a woman who can kick ass, especially one who has hidden weapons. Pity Jenavian had to be another Peacekeeper, though.

- Schemes, more schemes, and yet more schemes... This trilogy is becoming deliciously complicated: Clavor & Cargn, the PKs in the form of Jenavian Charto, Scorpius through ro-NA. Not many shows carry off interlocking plots as well as these episodes are doing so far.

- Hah, I love that Aeryn's feelings for Crichton manifested in this episode as protective threats to both Katralla and Jenavian. It's so perfect for her character. Chiana's attempt to do the same to Clavor & Cargn, though, was just amusing; she is so not ready to present herself as a convincing threat.

- No one pulls off the "pretend to be crazy to confuse the hell out of your captors" shtick than Browder does. He really embraces it with gusto.

- Is this Braca guy going to be around for a while? He may be an enemy PK, but I like the actor. He's doing a good job as a recurring character. As I've mentioned before, I know I've seen the latter half of season four and PKW in the past, but I can't say I recall much in the way of details.

- This may be kind of a "duh" statement, but I do not like this Kahaynu "god." Moya does not deserve death for an experiment forced upon her by Crais and the PKs. Their judgment is bullshit, even though I know Moya won't actually die.

- Aeryn & Crichton are both too damn stubborn, each expressing only maybe half of what they want to say to one another. If she had simply said "yes," with no additions, to Crichton asking "with you?" when she broached the option of him running away, he probably would have agreed.

- Great closing image, the Crichton statue with a grimace on his face and on his knees. I was surprised, in fact, that the statue transformation took place. I was expecting some sort of last-minute interruption.

Look at the Princess Part III: The Maltese Crichton
- Clavor's tantrum, culminating in punching Crichton's statue head, definitely illustrated perfectly his emotional lack of suitability to be ruler. I couldn't help but laugh at his crying mini-rant, especially after he was cradling his head post-punch.

- I have to admire Scorpy for being so hands-on that he alone went to retrieve Crichton's head. Crais probably would've delegated such tasks, or at least taken a force of troopers with him to do so.

- "Oh, nice dress." "Save it." So, so true, Crichton...

- "That is either the most pathetic fabrication I have ever heard, or the most pathetic life I could ever imagine." "Oh, like there aren't some wacked-out antecedents to a chick with a stiletto in her wrist."

- After this episode, I revise my "pity she's another PK" comment from last episode re: Jenavian. I like her a lot. I wasn't expecting her to turn out to be so reasonable. I certainly wasn't expecting that Crichton would end up sleeping with her! Just how many PK women is he going to end up attracted to, anyways?

- I'm continually impressed at the pains the show takes to make the audience identify with Moya as her own character. To simply say that she is a living being with her own mind and soul is one thing; to actually prove it to us, as this episode does through Kahaynu's testing of Zhaan, is quite another and indeed is very tricky. I wouldn't want the show to make a habit of allowing Moya to converse directly with the crew, rather than through Pilot and/or DRDs, but it was certainly effective here. Moya isn't just a ship or a companion; she is her own individual in this misfit family.

- Chiana asked D'Argo near the end of the episode why Crichton didn't kill Scorpy. I'm going to bet right now that Scorpy made sure Crichton couldn't harm him while he had Crichton in the Aurora Chair, given the foreshadowing about a "relationship" between the two. [All but confirmed in the following episode! Go me for spotting an obvious!]

- Poor John, knowing that Katralla is going to have his daughter, a child he'll never have a chance to see... On the other hand, at least he has Aeryn and the rest of his adopted alien family.

- As RoJo pointed out, this trilogy definitely handled the Crichton/Aeryn relationship one might not expect, and I think it was the stronger for it. Direct "confrontations" between the two would be the most obvious route to take, but I prefer the (relatively, for the most part) subdued exchanges between the two, as well as the conversations with "outsiders" or friends about the relationship. I think it'll make the resulting acknowledgments down the line feel more "earned" in a dramatic and emotional sense than if the two were to have had "big" conversations now.

Beware of Dog
- Freaky hallucinations of Scorpy, Crichton. In addition to my previous prediction about not being able to harm Scorpy, I'm going to add one that Scorpy has somehow "programmed" Crichton to seek him out at a specific, future point. Along those lines, I'm going to speculate that these hallucinations are intentional and aimed at driving Crichton insane so that he does seek out Scorpy.

- "What did you expect me to use, harsh language?"

- This was a mostly enjoyable episode, albeit nothing particularly noteworthy or memorable beyond the Scorpy hallucinations. Lots of funny little moments throughout, though, such as Aeryn & Crichton's "conversation" with the Vorc.

- 8 episodes left in this season...

By the way, there probably will not be any further reviews until Tuesday at the earliest. Starting tomorrow, we're spending the weekend moving into a new house. Internet and television services are both being transferred to the new house tomorrow afternoon, though we probably aren't going to actually be in the house until Sunday evening. The new semester starts on Monday and I want to hit that running (as well as arranging stuff in the new house, of course), so I wouldn't be surprised in the least if I don't have any time to watch more episodes until Tuesday. You folks will have to get your vicarious Farscape experiences elsewhere for the next few days, I'm afraid.
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