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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

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This was a fun episode with a lot of laughs, but I was just not happy with the casting of this Laura Prepon person. She's statuesque, I'll give her that, but I don't like her face or voice, and I didn't think she was nearly as good a Beckett impersonator as the script claimed. And I certainly couldn't buy that she was as irresistibly sexy as the script claimed.
I wasn't sold on her at first (and this is as somebody who loved redheaded Prepon on That 70s show), but once she got the wig and the clothes - oh wow. I thought she did a great job. I think to some extent I just don't like Laura Prepon as a blonde. I definitely grew to like Natalie more as the episode went on, and the scene where they're all "hiding from creepy Beckett" was great. I don't think we've seen Kate that flustered.

And really to some extent you have to give Prepon credit. She was playing an actress (Natalie Rhodes) becoming a character (Nikki Heat) who is a fictionalized version of a character (Kate Beckett) brought to life by another actress (Stana Katic).

Yeah, I thought this was a fantastic episode.
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