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Very interesting show, I like it. As for how realistic it is, I assume that these guys go to tons of auctions on a daily basis but they are editing out the boring ones and only showing us the ones of interest. There have been some boring ones though, like the furniture and kitchen appliances, but I guess every little thing adds up once you sell it, so that you at least break even.

I always wonder why the heck people didn't empty their storage lockers before letting them default. If you can't pay the rent, at least go there one last time to take the valuables or things you can sell for a good profit. Though in some cases it looks like the owner was probably an elderly person that passed away and their remaining family members either don't know or don't care about what's in the storage locker.
IIRC from the contract for my dad's storage locker if you get more than a few weeks or couple months delinquent on the locker the storage place puts its own lock on the unit (one you don't have a key for) to pretty much hold your stuff "for ransom" until you settle your bill.

So if the people who rented these lockers are so delinquent on their lease that the storage place has to resort to selling your stuff then the secondary lock has long-since been on the unit. (Making it impossible for the owner to get to it.)

It just may be a case, though, of people dying or simply just stuffing the locker full of stuff they want to forget about. From what I've seen on the show's forums (and take this for what it is worth) the people involved with the show are also pretty open with previous owners of the locker getting a hold of them to retrieve items of "value" that've not yet been sold. (Like, say, family photos or other documents.)

I was a bit suspicious when the "Young Gun" guy got a locker full of still sealed in the box electronics (Including a VCR! WOW!). A locker full of new electronics, for me, would set off alarm bells unless the lessee owned an electronics store or something and was using the unit as excess storage space for inventory but that leaves me dubious as when his business went under one'd think any creditors would've went after the locker. :shurg: Also? That guy's wife might be hot but she's a shrewish harpie who likely keeps that guy's balls in her purse.
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