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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Out of Their Minds
- Normally when I see a show do a "switched bodies" episode, my first thought is "oh, god, not again." This time, however, Farscape had already earned my faith, so my first thought was instead "oh, god, this is going to be hilarious." That said, I am glad the show didn't try a body switching episode in season one, because I probably wouldn't have been receptive to it at that time.

- I love the little "flash cards" Crichton-in-Aeryn came up with to differentiate everyone at a quick glance. "Shoot the damn gun, you blue-assed bitch!" and the exchange in general where Zhaan would only believe Crichton's body.

- Aeryn's reaction to Crichton's "exploration" of her body was surprisingly low-key. I guess that's due to not being able to do anything about it while in Rygel's body. On the other hand, she made up for it with her comments at the end of the episode about "being in your pants."

- The cast did a really good job embodying (no pun intended ) the other characters as their respective consciousnesses moved around. The highpoint of these performances was Browder portraying Rygel-in-Crichton. This was a really fun episode.

My Three Crichtons
- Mediocre. Nothing else to say.

Look at the Princess Part 1: A Kiss is But a Kiss
- It's about damned time Crichton and Aeryn kiss again. "The Flax" barely even counts since they believed they were facing imminent death.

- Also glad to see D'Argo and Chiana are indeed hooking up, as D'Argo especially deserves some happiness. I don't anticipate it being an easy or lasting relationship, however.

- The romantic strife in this episode is certainly in keeping with princess stories: Aeryn and Crichton want to be together, but only one can express his feelings yet; the Princess and Tyno want to be together, but Tyno recognizes the pragmatic necessity of Katralla marrying to keep Clavor from assuming power, while the Princess herself wants to care first about love.

- Another shallow note: I quite appreciate the outfits the women on Royal Planet wear.

- The first part of one of Farscape's famed trilogies was well done, capturing different emotional beats than the "end of the line" feeling that the episodes at the end of season one carried. The plans in this episode present an "end of the line" of sorts, of course, but at least everyone would live if things went according to plan (though why anyone would ever expect that to be the case, I don't know - obviously few things ever do for these characters!). Since this episode presents a potential marriage involving Crichton, the emotional core of the episode involves Aeryn and Crichton, even though the two only have a few occasions in which to very briefly discuss, leaving most commentary to come from the others. Knowing the eventual dynamic between those two characters, however, does not diminish this episode in the slightest, a testament to the writing and acting. I'm especially intrigued about the Moya subplot right now and looking forward to seeing more of that in the following episodes, possibly even more than I am in seeing how Crichton's situation is resolved.

Before anyone pulls out another "You stopped here?!" (I'm looking at you, RoJo! ), yes, I am, because it's time to head to a restaurant for dinner. Rest assured, however, I intend to watch at least the remaining two parts of this trilogy tonight.
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