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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)


1x07 PK Tech Girl : A reflection , on Rygel's eye. A Peacekeeper Command Ship. Derelict , in ruins , floating on the orbit of some planet. Cool shot. Everyone is at on Moya's command deck. Pilot confirms that it is a dead ship. It is not Crais's though. Crichton and Zhaan still intend to get out of this area right now. (with Warp 1000 as Crichton aptly put ) Dargo objects that there might be star charts in that ship to point them right direction for their journey to home. Aeryn also thinks there might be weapons they can use aboard this Peacekeeper wreck. "And I need to know who she is" ex-Peacekeeper adds. Reply is fast and unexpected. "It is the Zelbinion" Rygel says with a haunted voice.

History lesson from Dargo and Aeryn for newcomer human Crichton about the Zelbinion. It used to be most feared ship in Peacekeeper armada , even a legend among Luxans until it was declared missing over 100 cycles ago. There is still breathable air in some sections of wreck. So Dargo , Crichton and Aeryn board it to do some shopping. It is dark , damp and quiet inside this tomb. If silence has its own voice that must be it. While Moya trio is walking in dark deserted and ruined corridors. Next to Aeyrn Crichton comments "I can not believe that you lived on a ship like this in your whole life" Aeryn is swift and matter-of-fact. "When you told me endless tales of your home you spoke of rivers , forests , valleys I was thinking walls not unlike these" Crichton hopelessly tries to lighten her up again. "I am sure it looks better with carpeting..." There are rotten and mummified bodies here and there. Stench must be unbearable.

They reach the command deck. Unfortunetely other scavengers ripped and took everything valuable. Nothing useful remained it seems. Until Crichton sees a working panel. "You guys have the best car batteries of all time ?" Under another body they find...a petite blonde female Sabecean. Dirty , exhausted , scared but alive. She is a Peacekeeper Tech named Gilina. When they corner her Crichton tries to cool the situation with his supposed human diplomacy. Gilina can not hold her tongue though. "Officer Sun" she mumbles "escaped prisoners" How the hell she knows them. Well this petite tech is from Crais ship. Even Crichton backs away from her a bit when he hears that.

Meanwhile on Moya Rygel seems troubled. ( Really it is surprising how much emotion they can load to this animeotric creature , a puppet ) Since he looted three other derelict ships wrecks Moya encountered before it is strange that he is reluctant to board Zelbinion now Zhaan points out. Well Rygel has bad memories about Zelbinion it seems. When he was dethroned over 130 cycles ago Zelbinion was the first vessel he was imprisoned and tortured. It is understandable he is reserved now. Zhaan in her usual motherly pschiatric mood , advises him to confront his demons over there.

Aeryn starts interrogating Gilina in typical Peacekeeper/Wehrmacht style. Stand fast , eyes locked. Crichton tries to calm her and almost punched by Aeryn ( he learned her moves by then maybe ) He proposes to go easy on captured tech. Aeryn is deadly serious though "This is my world John" she growls without blinking. "Don't interfare". Still Crichton learns much more from Gilina with his good cop approch. When Crais ship came across the wreck of Zelbinion Crais did not wish to waste any time so he left a small skeleton crew to take care of Zelbinion and continued his hunt of Moya. Two days later another ship came from nowhere and incinerated crew's Marauder transport she says. Nasty customers whoever they are. "It is the Sheyangs" Dargo explains. "There are signs of their presence in everywhere" But they are opportunistic salvagers adds Dargo. They can not be responsible for destruction of a Peacekeeper Command carrier. Gilina although considers Aeryn a traitor and confesses that knows nothing about who put Zelbinion out of action either. If they can believe her. Crichton begins a loyalty check without realizing himself. He begins to befriend with Gilina the tech. She seems helpless , hot and depends on Crichton's protection after all. And she looks like human , a connection Crichton can associate with. Gilina at the other hand still trying to comprehend the fact that Crichton is NOT a sabecean. For her though acts mean more than race. He saved her from Aeryn though. And Crichton seems like an attractive Sabecean from her POV. That's something Aeryn can not provide for Crichton. (probably yet) She is just a soldier , thinking and acting like one in everywhere. Although it is changing Aeryn still has the same rigid perspective in every situation for now. Meanwhile somekind of human connection , social interaction ( better if there is also sexual attraction ) is what Crichton is seeking. Since he was kicked into Uncharted Territories all he encountered was danger , misunderstanding , alien nature of everything , rude and dismissive behaviour from most of his ship mates. Can anyone blame him ? When they came across a charred corpse of one of the Gilina's team Aeryn recognizes him. He was from her old unit. They were demoted and can only be reinstated upon Aeryn's death Gilina explains. Just from her posture and frozen face we realize Aeryn tries not to react to these news with considerable effort. That reveleation and probably her surroundings put her to her old uncompromising attitute though. When Crichton remarks what Peacekeepers can accomplish this all this technology Aeryn just mocks him "To do what ? To fullfill your vision of who we should be" For her whole life Peacekeepers were good guys. Condemning everything about her old life is tough.

Rygel begins touring his ex prison. He confronts with the image of his torturer. Captain Selko Durka. One-eyed , bald , hoarse voiced and sadistic commander of Zelbinion. A phantom from Dominar Rygel XVIth's past. He finds Durka's body , spits and takes back his possesions...

Pilot informs Zhaan that another ship is aproaching , trying not to attract attention. Sheyangs of course. Then Aeryn is on Gilina's throst , accusing her collaborating with Sheyangs. Gilina returns the charge. Crichton again intervanes. To everyone's surprise he defends Aeryn first. "She is not a traitor. Crais did not give her any chance. Not like the change we gave you" With Crichton Gilina softens up. She overheard before that Sheyangs will return to dismantle Zelbinion's defense shield. It is not working but least damaged part of this wreck. Crichton proposes to repair the shield and protect the Moya with Zelbinion's shield. He and Gilina start working. They should really let Crichton to handle negotiations with aliens species Moya encounters from now on. On that he gets results....If other side is open for negotiation. I think it will not always be like that though.

Sheyangs look like bipedal talking frogs , in WWII bomber crew garments ! Seriously Producer Brian Henson's ability to crank up thrill in these episodes then to make fun of it (even a little bit) is like nothing else. Sheyang leader and his deputy Loomus prepare for a plasma attack. It is impossible to escape when Sheyangs are around Dargo says. They sense weakness they attack. And Moya has no weapons. When Dargo begins to curse in violent Luxan fashion Zhaan pulls a bluff. She transmits Dargo's screaming image to Sheyang ship. Ridicilously this works ! Sheyang captain , thinking he is against an armed Luxan , panicks and cancels the attack.

From now on two seperate storyline goes on. Aboard Zelbinion Crichton and Gilina work together to repair defense shield. While they work they become friends then more. Chrichton as usual Earthling uses everthing in his arsenal from scientific knowledge to his personal life and Hollywood movies to charm her. Gilina responds. Aeryn sees them getting close and gets jealous without realizing. She probably never had jealousy attack before and do not know how to respond. Except picking a heavy barrel with strain and excusing aside when she saw them locking lips. Heh....As Crichton remarks to Aeryn if she never "clicked" with a guy...well ex-peacekeeper confesses she found him interesting...just for a moment. Even getting that confession is a huge success for Crichton.

Meanwhile Dargo continues to bluff to Sheyangs by negotiating on screen with Zhaan's coaching and considerable reluctance. Luxans seems to have a Klingon code of honour. Don't lie to enemy in battle etc. Personally I find that kind of behaviour tedious. IN WAR ALL SIDES COMMIT ANY ACT TO WIN. Why make Luxans more Klingon-like ? Sheyang deputy Loomus has enough after four arns of talking , knocks his captain and orders a plasma attack. Crichton and Gilina repair and activate the defense shield just in time though and deflect the Sheyang attack. Loomus and his men try to board Zelbinion from the gaps on defense screen. Only Loomus succeeds getting inside the wreck. After melting doors with his fiery breath (literally , these frogs actually spit fire ) he finds Crichton and Gilina. But as usual in a stand alone episode Loomus is dispatched this time by Aeryn in a full Ellen Ripley format before he maskes any damage.

Sheyangs withdrew and call Crais' command carrier. Time for Moya to leave. Crichton proposes to take a defensive shield system of Zelbinion and install on Moya. Gilina agrees (for him) and it is done. Farewells. Aeryn matures up a little bit. She advises Gilina to be smarter than herself and not to mention Crais about their presence. Aeryn probably sees herself on Gilina. Gilina can return her old life. She can not. But it is much harder for both Crichton and Gilina. Crichton probably found someone to understand him first time since he is lost in space. Now he has to let her go. He can not take her with them. "This is no life to live" is the best explanation of situation. And "Life Sucks" He can not go back with Gilina either. They acknowledge low odds of seeing each other again. Still they agree on another date....Whatever worth it has. How ironic that at initial sight both Aeryn and Gilina probably change their positions gladly.

What does the diminishing image of Zelbinion represent ? As usual Farscape does the best summaries with its closing shots , a little converstaion between two main characters. Because everything is about them. After a few "heys" and its meaning Crichton asks Aeryn what she feels. Aeryn does not think he can understand. That vanishing wreck also represents Aeryn's old and wrecked life. Now she is cast out , adrift in a large lifeboat like craft with creatures she does not understand or she considers inferior. But Crichton who is much more quick than anyone acknowledges says he understands. Aeryn does not recognize but both human and Peacekeeper are so alike in this situation. Lost , no home to go , trying to survive and struggling to return home , trying to cope with alien nature of their enviroment. Her old life , associates all are dead to her. Just like she is dead for them. Crichton's little speech about "what if everyone I know is dead if I get home one day ?" reflects that understanding and parallel. Aeryn apologizes first time !
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