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Re: Funniest Trek Quotes

My favorite Archer/T'Pol exchange EVER.

T'POL: (running on treadmill) How's your dog?
ARCHER: (starts another treadmill) Nice of you to ask. We'll know in a couple of hours. (T'P speeds up her machine, he does the same) Have you heard from your friends on the surface?
T'POL: Not yet.
ARCHER: I guess they haven't finished compiling their list of punishments.
T'POL: They're not interested in punishing you. They only want an appropriate apology.
ARCHER: I'm sorry.
T'POL: For what?
ARCHER: Just practicing.
T'POL: (speeding up her machine again, so he does the same) You shouldn't have brought your dog on a diplomatic mission, especially considering we had previously offended the Kreetassans.
ARCHER: They knew we were bringing him. We even sent his genetic specs. (getting breathless) They could have asked us to leave him behind. They didn't. Porthos has the right to a little fresh air.
T'POL: You're once again ignoring the consequences of your actions.
ARCHER: What's that supposed to mean?
T'POL: You obviously place more importance on the quality of the air your pet breathes than on the quality of the plasma that drives your ship. (speeds up her machine again)
ARCHER: What the hell does one have to do with the other? Isn't it logical I could care about my ship and my dog? (speeds up his treadmill)
T'POL: I'm not questioning your pluralities. I'm questioning your priorities.
ARCHER: (sweating and panting) I really thought you were beginning to understand something about human feelings.
T'POL: Not when it pertains to primitive quadrupeds who haven't developed the ability to speak or to use a toilet. (stops her treadmill and gets off)
ARCHER: What's the matter?
T'POL: I obviously can't keep up with you.
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