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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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Whippernappers, the lot of you!

I've been a fan of "The Teaching Company" for the last 2 years... love doing stuff outside my comfort zone.

OH my God, AMG.... I just noticed your new Avatar!
Oooh, thanks for the tip, J'Rulz, I will check that site out! Have you seen the "Khan Academy"? Which has nothing to do with the Khan from Star Trek, LOL.

Yeah, I'm slightly in love with that pic. Make that totally in love with. Don't look for another avatar change anytime soon.
The avatar really goes with your "location"... too.

One caveat about the teaching company. EVERY month, they find a different way to put their DVD courses on sale... its worse than and their lightning sales. NEVER pay full price for anything. Sign up for email alerts (which come weekly) , since every 3-4 months they'll give you free shipping. I adore some of the professors... others drove me up a wall. (The 2 dudes doing the series on Francis of Assisi come to mind.)

I really enjoyed the series on science and religion (awesome!), the ones on St Augustine, Voltaire, and Winston Churchill were also excellent. Still haven't finished the DVD on "Dark Matter/Dark Energy, because I have to watch it. The others just keep me company in the car on my commutes.

Ah.... the Khan academy is like the open courseware consortium.

Somewhere in here, is a great lecture by an elderly neuroanatomist with the best line about the brain.

Goes something like... "It only weighs 3 pounds, more or less, but it can imagine a universe that stetches into infinity."

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