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Started the bulking I mentioned...I'm up from 243 lbs to 254.

I finished a bulk a few weeks ago (got up to 265 at 6') and am cutting down. For some reason i just don't look as muscular as you...I mean people see me as big, but I seem to look like a goon is all.
Sure my lifts got better, as when you're eating anything you want, even triple cheeseburgers from McDonald's then lifting heavy gets easy, but I didn't get the look I was after.

Edited: A ha, here's a pic from this about 255.

Hey I missed this post somehow last time...

I think what you are experiencing is genetics...your "body type" is endomorphic...that is: predisposed to gaining wait and having a softer appearance. Its actually my body type too, and it takes extra hard work and dieting to get leaner. Still, you do look like you're in shape and most people would notice all the hard work you put in! Congrats!

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