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Re: A General Science Refresher

Jadzia wrote: View Post
What about an Encyclopedia of Science?

It would cover most areas, and there will be some with an adult reading level.

Here's an internet version:

It looks quite comprehensive. The three articles I've just clicked though only introduce the basics of the topics, but do read at an adult level.
Oh, that is awesome! Thanks Jadzia! I can use this, and it's the perfect price: free.

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Great Mambo Chicken wrote: View Post
I wouldn't discount media other than books. Try the BBC documentary "The Story of Science" on DVD or Blu-ray.
That looks good. It's pricey for me right now, but something I can bookmark and check out later. I don't really discount other media, but a reason I like books is that I can put them in a backpack and carry them with me. You can sort of do this with DVD and Blu-ray, and that does look like something I would enjoy. I guess it's just nice to have that book in your hands. You know what I mean? Again, though, thank you Great Mambo Chicken, that does look interesting, and I've bookmarked it.
Yeah, $70 is too expensive for the Blu-ray -- although another seller lists it for $30. It doesn't look like the DVD is available in the US. There's also The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski, but it's about 36-years old now and so doesn't include a lot of recent discoveries. I would suggest picking a few areas of interest, such as Genetics, Cosmology, High Energy Physics, or Quantum Theory, and finding popular introductory books in these fields. Science nowadays is probably too vast for a generalist tome to cover in anything but the sketchiest of detail.
You're right on that one. I started browsing around and suddenly realized that science has apparently made massive leaps since my high school days! It's just this past decade+ has been so busy, I failed to notice the changes in how it's presented.

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