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Re: 41,763 Hurleys Win $150 in Mega Millions Lottery

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yeah that was dumb, why play numbers that loads of others are playing, even if you win, you win small, not big.
But even if you play your own numbers you never know how many others play that set.
A friend of mine won once by having 5 of 6 + the bonus,, but because so many had the same numbers he played it was only $47,000+ normally its somewhere between $130,000 to $160,000.
this is true of course, but at least your not playing numbers you know thousdands if not millions of others are playing. You know people are playing the Lost numbers, I think it came very close to it in the UK lottery.

I also agree the odds are very low, which is why I only play a handful of times a year.
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