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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Hodgson is a decent manager, it's just that Liverpool were the wrong club for him at the wrong time. To be honest, it's probably in Roy's interests as much as it is in Liverpool's for him to move on. Liverpool are going nowhere fast.

Chelsea, is just a bizarre situation. Apparently Worzel has sanctioned transfer monies for Thatsyerlotti to spend in January.
Well it seemed a logical move for both of them, I think unfortunately Liverpool fans didn't realise there was going to need to be a period of things getting worse before they get better. Almost be nice for them to get Benitez back then dissapear down the plug hole, just because you were a big team doesn;t mean you have an automatic right to be one.

Not sure how much influence it had, but it's important to note that Chelsea's shit form started at around the same time Wilkins got the push, coincidence? Who knows but like Jax says they don't seem to have invested nearly enough in youth.

I don't always like the guy, but you have to give Ferguson credit, for the past few years Utd seem to have a weaker team season on season, yet they keep marching on. Maybe it is just that winning mentality, but I pity the poor bastard that follows Fergie!
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