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Re: Star Trek: Armada on Windows 7?

Dunno if this is a dead post or not if it is i apologize in advanced. Me and a few old armada vets like 14 of us play late night on game ranger. We all use windows 7 to keep the game from going out of sync. i will try my best to give you guys a check list to do it may help. Also if you want to come play online you can do.


-Install armada on windows 7
-Patch to 1.2
-go to armada Dir C:/program files/activistion/star trek - armada
-right click on armada.exe - properties (here comes the fun part)
-go to compatibility tab
-set it for windows xp sp2
-run in 256 colors
-set to run as administrator
-Check armada CD is in the drive and gl have fun

Note: that Sometimes lowering the screen resolution May help fix some gfx problems. Also there are problems known with some sound cards which is more complex to fix and results in screen lag or slow down we are trying to find a way way to fix this. Another noted problem is on machines with more then 2 GB ram, armada seems to hate going over 2gb and makes it run into the negatives telling u not enough disk space.

For online play, won servers are no longer supported o joy. So we use Game ranger, which is a free small program and is able to host armada as well as other games. I'll walk you threw online.

-Google, Game Ranger (not hard to find)
-Download, install, register.
-run and connect and you will shown a list of games
-click on the top bar community
-click: search user
-Enter acct ID: 1221160
-That's me, and i will try help out with any other issues.
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