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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

DS9 is my favorite Trek, and the DS9R novels were the first Trek lit I went to. It was so good. . . and then. . . damn man. It's really depressing to see how it just veered off into boring-as-hell-having-nothing-to-do-with-the-end-of-DS9-mirror-universe-bullshit. And now this is the only DS9 fix out there. I'm sorry if it wasn't "planned as a DS9 novel', but it's all we have.

And oh woah! What the hell ever happened to the Dominion?! They left. . . and then what? Odo? Dominion subjects? Fallout in the Gamma Quadrant of the Dominion War?

And damn dude, what about the Cardassians?

Sorry to hijack your thread, but this is the only DS9 we have man! I'm just so sad. . . so sad. DS9 is an empty lonely place it seems, now that everyone has left.

But hey, I haven't read the book yet! But don't worry, I'll buy it and enjoy it like a heroine addict enjoys shooting up with an AIDS needle in a back alley. It's the only Trek I have, and I'll enjoy any scrap I can get!
For me, it's all about the spaceships.

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