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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Yeah it'll probably be him, although Ancelotti might pip him to the post, and surely Houllier can't last long; lousy results, pissed off many of the players and the whole Liverpool worship thing...not the greatest of starts to a managerial career. Grant can't last much longer either!

Texted a friend of mine who's a Villa fan and said if I was Randy (ha ha) I'd get shot sooner rather than later or else they'll be playing us next season, and not in a good way! Personally if Hodgeson does get the bullet I reckon Villa would be a good choice for his next club, let's face it he's a good manager. Personally though if I were Lerner I'd bring McClaren home from Germany...before he gets sacked!

Odd really cos I thought Hodgeson, Houllier and Grant were all good choices (or at least not terrible choices) meanwhile Pardew seems to be doing ok, but I don't think his honeymoon period's over yet, be interesting to check in again come the season's end...
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