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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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1. Alice is Wonderland (2010) - C-

I think the thing to remember going into a Tim Burton movie is expect the weird, and expect Johnny Depp to be in it. That was pretty much the case on both counts here, as the best way I can describe this movie was weird. I have not read the novel, and the only connection I have to Alice in Wonderland was really the animated classic film from Disney. This one was great visually, and I liked the Hathaway and the Red Queen. They were both great in the roles and actually my favorite part of the film was when they finally met on the same screen. Going back to the visuals, they were pretty much what I expect from Burton.

However, the movie stops pretty much there. There's a story, but it takes so long to get there and I found myself dosing off in the middle of it. Also, Depp was kind of a letdown here as the Hatter, and the person who played Alice seemed a tad disinterested in the role. Not one of the best Burton films I've seen.
Agree with this review. Also, being a bit more familiar with the story than yourself, I can say that it's just wrong to have the Mad Hatter sword-fighting people.
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