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Very nice!
It's nowhere near as impressive as that castle you were building, but I wouldn't have the patience for something like that. I prefer building things slowly over time, adding onto them when I feel like it. That fortress started out as a tiny wooden shack that I took shelter in my first night with only a hole in the roof for moonlight, and even though every block of that tiny shack was replaced over time, I like to think that it's the same building, only far more evolved. One day I'll probably make the walls taller and thicker, I'll expand the grounds of the fortress and probably make the keep larger, but I'm happy enough with it right now.

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how did you get that wicked aerial shot?
I used the third-party Cartograph program and set it to isometric view, then cropped the image. Here's the full map which is a bit over 4km long.

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