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After taking a couple weeks off, I came back to Minecraft a few days ago and decided that my main base needed to be fortified by putting a wall around it, paving it over and putting lights up everywhere. Luckily, I already had four chests of cobblestone stored down in my mine so I didn't have to waste time with that. Here's the end result of three day's work:

Fortress Godfrey. It encompasses my main house, my rail station and my boathouse in one convenient, safe location. It has three iron gates, numerous entrances to my tunnel network, three grass pens for farmyard animals to spawn, a well, a natural pond (for swimming), an underground farm and a secret entrance through a cave. Because fortresses need a secret entrance for the hero to sneak in. Here's the view from the top of the tower:

And here's the aerial view:

Notch has said there will be an update next week that he hopes will contain the ability to paint blocks as well as a sea-based mob. Personally, I'm still waiting for it to snow in cold areas, I don't feel there's much point in building a base in that region until he fixes that.
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