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Funniest Trek Quotes

Post the most hilarious [odd, or strange] quotes you've heard in Star Trek! Any movie, any show. As many as you like, too.

I'll start:

Picard: "Number one, will you set a course for Starbase 227? I'll join you on the bridge shortly."
Riker: "Wait a minute. You've been declared dead. You can't give orders around here."
Data: "If we are to adhere to the exact letter of Starfleet regulations, then technically, sir, you have been declared a renegade. In fact, I believe you are facing 12 counts of court martial offenses. You cannot give orders either, sir."
Picard: "That's quite right. And as I am supposed to be dead, I'll go and get some sleep, and Mr. Data, I suggest that you escort Commander Riker to the brig."
Data: "Aye, sir... this way, sir." (Data grabs Riker and leads him to the brig.)

- TNG: Gambit part II, 7.05
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