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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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I loved hallucination Scorpius.
I liked his obsession with margarita shooters.

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I LOVE Crackers Don't Matter. Especially the part after Aeryn and Crichton have emptied their pulse pistols and jump towards each other...and Crichton beats her up and drags her away, exactly the opposite of what I expected.
There are certainly very many funny parts in the episode, but I also find it a hard one to talk about in an overall sense.

The Way We Weren't

- I suppose that I, like the others, didn't want to dwell much on what Aeryn's past as a Peacekeeper entailed, the distasteful and perhaps even despicable actions (such as the one detailed in this episode) she might have carried out as part of her service. In hindsight, that was, as Chiana pointed out, foolish and dishonest to not consider. I certainly don't need the characters in a series to be the squeaky clean types of, say, TNG, so, while I find Aeryn's part in the PK plans for Moya to be abhorrent, I appreciate this new insight into the characters involved and that the show didn't shy away from showing Aeryn having been involved in something horrific.

- I am reminded of a comment that I made in relation to a previous episode about the emotionality that the Henson puppeteers were able to display on the puppets. Pilot's anger and sadness in this episode completely blew me away with how realistic it looked on the puppet. What they were able to achieve is quite stunning. Naturally, the voice actor did a magnificent job as well.

- As RoJo previously said, "but some of them are nice!" I'm glad to see that at least someone (Velorek) had recognized Crais's insanity even before his Crichton obsession came about. I also appreciate the symmetry with him having told Aeryn that she "could be more," the same thing Crichton would later tell her.

Picture If You Will
- A question about DRDs: Does Moya have a way to create new ones to replace ones that have been destroyed, or would she be completely out if all of them were destroyed?

- After his season one appearance, I expected Maldis was just a one-shot antagonist. I didn't expect he would return later to present a new threat to the crew. To borrow Pemmer Harge's description of "That Old Black Magic," Maldis did come off as "a bit hokey" in that episode, but I thought the painting in this one was a unique way of messing with the crew. A large version of his hand reaching into Moya, on the other hand, went back to "a bit hokey."

- I also liked that Maldis couldn't have cared less about Crichton this time, that all of his efforts were focused on getting revenge on Zhaan. Based on his previous appearance, one might have expected that Crichton would be "the one who got away," but of course it makes much more sense that he'd be interested in Zhaan.

- Am I seeing a burgeoning possible romance between Chiana and D'Argo?

Home on the Remains
- Honestly, I don't feel like I have anything to say about this episode. It wasn't terrible, but I'm not sure that I'd call it good either. All in all, I was actually kind of bored during this episode. I'm disappointed since I had specifically been hoping for more Chiana episodes. On the other hand, this episode does answer my question above from the previous episode.

Dream a Little Dream
- I've got my answer from the season premiere now: Over 20 days passed between the end of season one and the beginning of season two.

- The first advanced world in the Territories we get to see, and it's in flashback? I find that amusing, since so far Crichton has only seen mudballs and PK bases.

- 90% of Litigara's population are lawyers? And new law school grads in the U.S. think they have it tough... A world ruled by law firms sounds scary.

- I respect Chiana's perseverance on Zhaan's behalf. She hadn't been on board Moya with the others for that long a period of time at the point this flashback took place, and this shows how quickly she acclimated to her new environment. It's also good to see how quickly Rygel was willing to step up to defend Zhaan at her trial. I find that noteworthy not as one of those "rare" times where he does the honorable thing but rather due to its proximity to his attempt to sell out everyone to Crais and Scorpius.

- The above in combination with Zhaan's hallucinated conversations with D'Argo, Aeryn, and Crichton again speak to how close-knit this group of misfits has become, that they have been forming a new family of sorts, as crazy and unconventional as it may be.

- Rygel's plot to free Zhaan was ingenious. Good episode.

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