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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Damn, go out for one night and the thread blows up... :-D

Anyway, Yeah, Nerve/Hidden Memory are awesome eps, and managed to establish Scorpius very, very quickly. Originally Scorpius was supposed to only be a single-episode villian and was supposed to bite it by the end of the two parter. Wayne Pygram nailed the performance so well, though, that they changed their mind about it, and decided to retool him into the series Big Bad... an excellent decision, IMO. He's one of the only villains I've ever seen that was both physically imposing, frighteningly intelligent, and not afraid to use either when necessary (though it is interesting that he doesn't make a point of demonstrating his physical abilities unless pressed or pissed off). And despite all the advantages, it can be legitimately argued that he's quite handicapped by his 'heating problem', which gives him bonus points for being a disabled badass, as well as a wicked cultured bad guy... Scorpius is, quite simply, a brilliant creation, and I never get tired of seeing him on screen.

It's interesting the way that Farscape approaches season finales' They almost all have an epic multiparter at the very end that you think is going to be the closing arc, but the multi-parter ends just short of the finale, closing with an episode closely related to, but not actually a part of, the main action. This works in Seasons 2, 3 and 4 (quite brilliantly, I might add), but it does end up being somewhat detrimental in Season 1's finale, as Bad to the Bone isn't a bad episode, per se, but it's not the strongest season finale.

Jumping to Season 2, 'Cracker's Don't Matter' is one of those episodes that Farscape loves to throw at you: An episode that, at first, seems deceptively like a 'light' episode, with a lot of what initially seem like throwaway gags, but end up becoming immensely important and loaded with foreshadowing in hindsight. I'm not even going to mention the major reveal of that episode, but needless to say, if you haven't watched the series before, you probably won't guess it before it's revealed. These writers really knew what they were doing...

And yes, Chiana will become more integrated with the crew, with a lot less dismissal and derision due to her 'childishness'. In fact, I don't believe it really goes on much after 'Taking the Stone', so no worries there, she'll get her own story arcs soon enough.
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