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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

This was a fun episode with a lot of laughs, but I was just not happy with the casting of this Laura Prepon person. She's statuesque, I'll give her that, but I don't like her face or voice, and I didn't think she was nearly as good a Beckett impersonator as the script claimed. And I certainly couldn't buy that she was as irresistibly sexy as the script claimed.

There was verisimilitude in the way the actress initially thought of Heat Wave only as a script and was barely aware of the book. Hollywood can be a pretty insular culture, and the people involved in making a movie have their own particular focuses. So sometimes if one producer at a studio acquires a book and commissions a movie script based on it, the other people who get hired to work on that movie, or the executives overseeing it for the studio, aren't necessarily even aware that it was based on a book. It's just the next script on their slate, and they're concerned with it as the project they're working on, not as the source it came from.

Was I the only one who barely noticed what was going on with the murder plot? The case of the week has rarely been so sidelined as it was here.
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