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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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Ah, well, you see, Mind the Baby wasn't originally supposed to be the Season 2 premiere. You'll see a modified version of the original opener later in the season.
That explains the mention on the DVD case of "the original season two premiere" as an extra, then.

Taking the Stone
- What timing. As I was starting this episode, I was hoping one of the early episodes this season would have a focus on Chiana, since she came onboard Moya right as events were heating up so much that there was no time for such an episode.

- As in the teaser here where Crichton blew her off, and previously in "Through the Looking Glass," I feel like Chiana has so far been given short shrift by the others on Moya. She's been pretty damn helpful but isn't given the same sort of consideration that any of the others would be given in her place. While I'm typing this thought at a time where I haven't finished the episode, I hope the events of this episode serve to start changing that.

- Since this was an episode that ostensibly seemed to be about Chiana, I wanted to like it. At the end of it, though, I was hard pressed to really care about anything that had happened. The Clansmen, especially Molnon, were just too damned annoying, and it felt like there was very little Chiana in this episode, even though its events only happened because her brother died. I also found Rygel's B-plot to be rather boring. A pretty big "yawn" all around for this episode.

Crackers Don't Matter
- "I hate when villains quote Shakespeare." Right there with ya, Crichton!

- This is probably the wackiest episode I've seen so far. I found it pretty entertaining overall, but I don't think I have anything to say about it beyond that.
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