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Re: My Dungeon Game [work in progress]

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Interesting. The direction you seem to be heading in seems like you could make some sort of Tron RPG, The dungeon made up of lightcycle trails or something.
I can visualise that. It's a nice idea.

I think that would be best made as a 3D game with a WoW-like camera.

I don't think plain/thin light cycle walls would look right in 2D, unless we downgrade to wireframe.

True, although the way I was thinking about it was to have the walls drawn from an isometric perspective, unless that's what you meant by 3D. Thin 3D walls, though I can imagine that would be even harder to do due to perspective and wanting everything to mesh together.

Weapons could be discs, with more powerful ones as you progress, with the goal to get to Tron, similar to the original movie, although I haven't seen it yet, I can imagine you could put some of the sequel's elements in it.
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