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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)


1X05 Thank God It is Friday Again CRICHTOOOOON ! WHERE IS THE HUMAAAAAN ! Dargo is as usual...pissed. Great. We are starting with another conflict aboard MOYA. Crichton more sensible than facing an angry Luxan , hidden. There is no specific reason. This is a Luxan hyper rage period , happens to Luxan males sometimes when there is another male around. Three days passed ( Crichton hidden so well it took three days for his ship mates to find him Aeryn teases him : "You must have a lot of practise in hiding !" Mean while Dargo is gone , took Aeryn's Prowler fighter to find Crichton if he is down at the planet MOYA orbitting around.

To find angry Luxan rest of Moya gang also goes to planet with a transport pod of Moya....The natives of planet are living like a working class community. All of them are struggling in the fields like worker ants , growing a tullip like plant called Tannet during daytime. When it is night they party ( for this episode they must have gathered half of the stuntmen/women in Australia and all of red body paint ) They think it is the end of working week , next day is rest day. Instead next morning they get up , start to work again like ants....They repreat this whole cycle everyday like a broken record. This whole communal town is in the middle of a wasteland , weather is hot ( Crichton makes a funny referance to Mad Max 3 ) These are laborers a distant cousin species of Sabeceans Aeryn explains....

And hello look who is among them. Dargo decided to join these laborers , went native , dressed all red and acting weird for a Luxan. Peaceful , calm , friendly nothing like a Luxan warrior. He hugs Crichton ( "Is this the end of Luxan hyper rage ?" Crichton asks. "Hug to death ?" ) declares his hyper rage is over. "Everything is so right..." If the audience needs to be persuaded there is somekind of external malevoant effect for Dargo to act like that , after this last decleration we ( at least I ) need no convincing...

Introduce Volmae , leader of this strange community. All dressed white with a terrible hair style and red eyes. Just like Matala in previous episode she is slow talking like stoned....She welcomes them and says they can stay as long as they like. Amusingly Crichton meets her with a V piece sign..."She gives me a woody" Aeryn says. "Crichton still trying to explain wonderful aspects of American slang to her corrects "willies. Gives you willies"

First unforseen consequence. First Crichton gets a stern warning from one of the laborers "No matter what you must stay" Then there are small explosions all over Rygel while he is outside relieving himself. In the morning it will be hot soon and considering Aeryn's weakness about that she takes Rygel and returns to Moya to understand what is wrong with ex-Dominar of Hyneria. Dargo invites rest to his shack then retreats to his own room to shack with a laborer girl...There is one bed on the floor. Crichton has to share it with Zhaan. ( In the morning except Zhaans blue hand is on Crichton's private parts nothing happens though. ) Meanwhile on Moya Aeryn finds out Rygel's body fluids becoming explosive...Crichton calls her to conduct some experiments on Rygel. "I am no scientist" says Aeryn. Nonetheless she agrees. Later after she assumes the role of Madam Currie as Crichton describes she finds out that Rygel's body chemistry acted like a catalyst to Tannet root he had eaten down the planet. When that muppet will learn that gluttony is not always good ?

Next morning. The whole population is back at work. They take Tannet roots to eat then work on the fields. The whole place and fashion just have an Oriental look. Crichton spots the laborer who warned him the previous night. While he follows her some other laborers capture him , take him inside a railway car and put a worm inside him though his belly button...Then a final warning. He must tell no one about the worm or they will kill him for it. Such a degrading experience I do not think Crichton will tell anyone this either way.

When Crichton is back to shack (meanwhile sweating , throwing up) he finds out that Zhaan also acting like others , like someone from Invasion of Body Snathers. She also want to remain and work. Crichton gets his answers during the night at the club everyone hangs out. The female laborer and her father explain to him...the Tannet root they grow and eat also make everyone to act like that...make them believe this place is a paradise. They have immune and so has Crichton because of the worm. He has to play nice obedient laborer....Which he does when he comes across Volmae again ( she greets him with peace sign ) She inquires him their vessel

Note : So far this episode is shaping like Star Trek Voyager's "Nemesis" episode. I wonder if it will end like that or it will be Moya crew making one of usual banal episodes of Star Trek/Gate series and saving planet's population from themselves...

Next day...Crichton interrogates female laborer he encountered....The Tannet plant was brought here by others she explains. Others forced them to plant it. They come with spaceships and collect the harvest in every half cycle. Entire population is almost brainwashed and growing this Tannet plant in fields like a good collective community. She and others gave the worm to Crichton to make him immune. They need his and Moya's help to get help from anywhere.

The question of who others are is answered after that. Volmae takes Crichton to show Tannet harvest stocks. Above them "Beat the Whites with Red Wedge" symbol. Peacekeepers. They made this whole planet like this. Crichton finds out that Volmae intends to steal as much Tannet stock as possible and leave the planet with Moya. He needs to develop a counter plan against her with Aeryn and Rygel.

Next time Crichton finds Volmae he takes her outside and demands others back. Peacekeepers need this Tannet plant to refine somekind of oil from them. It is called Chakan oil to power up their pulse weapons. ( So this episode is an allegory to Opium Wars of 19th Century ? ) When he and Aeryn explain that to Volmae and others they do not believe and turn agressive. Enter the Rygel ! He relieves himself from the top of transport pod ! Heee. Explosions everywhere. Dargo comes to himself so does Zhaan when they understand their labor here serves Peacekeepers. Everyone else deserts Volmae and decides to fight against Peacekeepers when they are back. Aeryn agrees to show them how to refine Chakan oil. Happy ending. It was option two then. Moya crew takes moral high ground like a mediocre Star Trek episode and saves everyone ( except themselves ) from enslavement. Please I have watched that before. Nobody asks what will prevent Peacekeepers from blasting the whole planet from orbit once they find out that the population is not cooperative anymore.

On Moya after worm was taken out of Crichton Aeryn confesses somewhat reluctantly "It was nice for once to use my mind" Crichton counters "It does not have to be once" And she thanks him first time. Is it just me who realizes those small and subtle changes in these characters ? But real downer and touching finale scene is between Dargo and Zhaan. Dargo seems disapointed and lost maybe. He wanted a simple life peaceful life since his childhood. Either to be a great warrior or to be a honest folk earning his wages from hard work. Even if it was a lie that dream seems to be taken from him now. Even Zhaan's verbal conciliation does not help his mood. This episode is not so bad after all. All needed is that it should be about main characters and their evolution.
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